In this majestic game:

You can jump on stuff!
You can shoot stuff!
You can listen to some sweet beats!
You can look at some gorgeous cyberpunk structures!

If you are excited/aroused/attracted to those sweet-sweet videogame elements, then this game is for you.

Mouse - aim
Left mouse button - shoot
Space - jump

Closer the enemy to the rhythm line, the more you get score for killing them,
But if the enemy gets past it you lose one of you 3 lives
The more you complete the more game speeds up. glhf;

(This game description was brought to you by BottledMajesticness. BottledMajesticness does not enjoy writing game descriptions)

Coding (broken of course): BottledMajesticness (@majesthiccness)
Music (sweet of course): Brodux (@BroduxOfficial) and Merlyn
Character sprites (animated of course): Rindoshi
Backgrounds (beautiful of course): Archie

Made for #MusicGameJam

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