A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Become the most fearsome duelist in this Wild-West'ish dueling simulator.

Play as Gun S. Linger, the skeleghost of Wild West,
Use your bones to shoot, spook and to push enemies.

Dodge enemy bullets with style and majesticness, and try to kill as many other duelists as you can.
The longer you survive, the faster game goes.
Type in comments your highscore because the developer is lazy af and compare it with others. The winner will get everything bragging rights!

Hold LMB to drag your bones.
Push RMB to shoot.

This game was made for CGA Gamejam and it would be really cool if you rated or commented our game. This is actually the first game that we ever made, so we would love some feedback.


G3SL.zip 23 MB
G3SL.app.zip 39 MB
G3SLx86.tar.gz 28 MB
G3SLx64.tar.gz 28 MB

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